Cuda Orientu / Wonders of the Orient

“Cuda Orientu”

 [Wonders of the Orient]

 Gdansk 2006





Colorful catalogue from the newest exhibition made by prof. Zdzislaw Zygulski jun., renowned Polish scholar on Oriental arms and art. Exhibition and the book shows dependences between Oriental world and Poland in previous centuries, and influence of Turkish and Persian art on Polish culture. Vastly illustrated with over 150 color pictures, in Polish.

Amongst the beautiful objects you’ll find:
– cloths
– paintings
– graphics
– decorative art
– arms and armours
– firearms

from many countries:

– Poland

– Ottoman Empire and Turkey

– Persia

– India

– China

Contents: (note: the book is in Polish)

– Z. Żygulski, Orient – yesterday and tomorrow. Historical reflection

– T. Grzybkowska, Orientalism in paintings

– Catalogue

– Literature

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