Persian Arms and Armour / Oręż Perski

“Persian Arms and Armour “

“Oręż Perski  ”

ed. A.R. Chodyński

Malbork 2000


Probably the rarest and the most wanted book on Persian arms in Poland. Instant classic which became completely out of print and hard-to-get.

It is significance catalogue of Persian arms exhibition. Beautifully illustrated catalogue with great reference part IN ENGLISH!





– Mariusz Mierzwiński, Forward

– Antoni Romuald Chodyński, The Sun and The Lion – Sketches on Persian Militaria

– Lech Kobyliński, Persian and Indo-Persian Arms and Armour

– Kaweh Pur Rahnama, A Persian’s view of Polish-Persian cultural relations and militaria

– Antoni Romuald Chodyński, Glossary of Arms and Armour Terms


– Antoni Romuald Chodyński, Persian and Indo-Persian Arms from the 16th-19th centuries in Polish collections

– Katarzyna Połujan, The Persian Carpets

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The catalogue shows near 300 Persian objects, mostly arms and armours, but also fabrics and some decorative arts from Polish museums and private collections. You can also find serious reference work on arms, mostly on sabres with many classifications and terms, written by Lech Kobyliński, famous Persian weapons collector. Catalogue is already very well known and still wanted by scholars, collectors and Oriental art lovers!
If one copy appear – don’t miss it!!!

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