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Polish Military Uniform by Zdzislaw Zygulski


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“Polski Mundur Wojskowy”

[Polish Military Uniform]

by Zdzisław Żygulski jun. & Henryk Wielecki

Krakow 1988


Another great and spectacular book by one of the greatest scholars of old arms, prof. Z. Żygulski. This time in cooperation with Henryk Wielecki, former director of the biggest military museum in Poland – Polish Army Museum in Warsaw. The book presents complete history of Polish military uniforms from the 17th to 20th century. The main feature of the book is the catalogue of Polish uniforms, including also badges, stripes and all others parts of military attire – over 360 objects, illustrated in color!

Descriptions of the objects are in English!

Product Description


– Wstęp (Foreward)
– Wiek XVII (17th century)
– Wiek XVIII (18th century)
– Księstwo Warszawskie i okres wojen napoleońskich (The Duchy of Warsaw and the period of Napoleonic Wars)
– Królestwo Polskie i Powstanie Listopadowe (Kingdom of Poland and November Uprising)
– Okres walk o niepodległość 1833-1864 (The period of fights for independence 1833-1864)
– I Wojna Światowa (The Great War)
– Druga Rzeczpospolita i wybuch II Wojny Światowej (The Second Polish Republic and the beginning of the II World War)
– II Wojna Światowa po kampanii wrześniowej 1939 r. (II World War after September Campaign in 1939)
– Tradycje mundurowe w Ludowym Wojsku Polskim (Traditions of uniforms in Polish People’s Army)
– Album
– Katalog (Catalogue)
– Spis rycin i ilustracji (Pictures descriptions in Polish, English and Russian)
– Literatura (Literature)
– Słownik terminów wojskowo-mundurowych (Glossary of military-uniforms terms)

 Note: the essays are in Polish, pictures descriptions in English and Russian!

 Very good source of knowledge on Polish military uniforms.
Higly recommended!

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Polish & partially in English and Russian (captions)


hardcover with dust-jacket


coated paper


448 color pictures


10.84×10.14 inch (27.8×26 cm)

Weight incl. pack.

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