Weapons. Catalogue of the collection – Broń. Katalog zbiorów


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“Broń. Katalog zbiorów”

[Weapons. Catalogue of the collection]

by Ryszard de Latour

Kraków 1981


One of the most famous catalogues on antique arms in Poland, mostly dedicated to edged weapons from the National Museum in Kielce. Written in languages: Polish and English. 91 objects and even more pictures of different types of armaments





1. European Arms:

– Polish hussars armours

– Mail shirts

– Staff-weapons

– Medieval swords

– Rapiers and smallswords

– West-European sabres and pallashes

– Karabela sabres

– Polish sabres

– Russian edged weapons

– Bayonets

– Fire-arms

2. Oriental Arms:

– Turkish sabres

– Caucasian edged weapons

– Oriental fire-arms

3. Literature and name index

Each object is fully described, measured and with given literature, all is also in English. B&W pictures with detailed marks and stamps, interesting patterns and decorations. All of these makes catalogue very informative and still one of the most popular and important source of knowledge on arms and armour.

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