Hilts of Japanese swords

“Jelce mieczy japońskich z kolekcji Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie”

[Tsuba – hilts of the Japanese Swords from the collection of the National Museum in Warsawa]

 by Katarzyna Maleszko and Krzysztof Polak

Warszawa 2005


Beautifully printed on coated paper, with hard cover and in handy format, the catalogue of Tsuba from the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw. Near 300 pages, over 110 objects, fully illustrated with many details, with over 400 pictures in colour.



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Tsuba from 16th to 19th century, from many well known schools and made by great masters of old Japan, for example:

Akasaka school

Choshu school

Daigoro school

Haruta school

Hikone school

Hirata school

Hizen school

Inaba school

Ito school

Kanayama school

Kaneie school

Kasuga school

Nara school

Onin school

Owari school

Shoami school

Sochin school

Soten school

Sunagawa school

Suruga school

Tembo school

Tetsugendo school

Yasuchika school

Yoshiro school

and more!

Each Tsuba is with measurements and detailed pictures!

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