Gabriel N. Raspe – Accurate Vorstellung der Koniglich Pohlnischen Armee nach der auf dem im Jahre 1775


The full title of this archive masterpiece is:

Accurate Vorstellung der Koniglich Pohlnischen Armee nach der auf dem im Jahre 1775 geheltenen Reichstage festgesetzten Stärke und Uniform aller sowohl in der Krone Pohlen als dem Grossherzogtum Lithauen befindlichen National- und teutschen Brigaden, Pulks, Reimenter, Corps, Fahnen und Campagnien. Worinnen zur eigentlichen Kenntniss der Uniform ben denen Nationaltroupen ein Officier, ein Towarczik und ein Sceregowi, ben den teutschen Regimentern aber ein Officier und ein Gemeiner in volliger Mondour and Armatur auf das accurateste abgebildet sind. Nurnberg, bey Gabriel Nicolaus Raspe 1781“.

This very rare print was “Etat Actuelle” of the Polish Army in 1775, wrote down by a Prussian: Gabriel Nicolaus Raspe in 1775 and printed in 1781. Nowadays it is the most accurate and most important (also very rare) source for the organization and uniform of the Polish and Lithuanian armies. It is mostly because of the color tables and pictures with detailed visualisation of the soldiers and officers of Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth.

The original Raspe’s print preserved in few Polish and possibly also in foreign libraries. This copy, which is for free, was rewritten and painted by Stanisław Gepner, famous Polish historian of arms and uniforms, and also an artist, who made it in the 30’s of the 20th century. The copy is 1:1 and can serve as a subsitute for the original work. First part contains French, handwritten description of the Regiments, second part is made of 76 color tables.




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