Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae, vol. XXII

Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae

vol.  XXII

Lodz 2009


Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae is prestigious magazine listed by ERIH – European Reference Index for the Humanities.

Few volumes is dedicated to archaeology of arms, armor and wars in general. Multilingual character makes it “must have” book for every historian and collector of antique arms. Printed only in 300 copies!!!



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– Piotr Taracha, Hunting and Combat Weapons in the Mycenaean World and Hittie Anatolia

– Maciej Pomianowski, Macedonian Hunting Weapons from Hellenistic Age. Based on Iconography and Archaeological Finds.

– Alexander Nefedkin, “Lagobolon”: A Hunting Weapon of the Ancient Greeks Depicted on Pharsalian Coins of the 4th c. B.C.

– Nicholas Victor Sekunda, Hare-hunting and Cavalry Tactics

– Bogdan Burliga, The Aristocratic Aspect of Hunting in Arrian’s “Cynegeticus”

– Vladimir A. Goroncharovskij, Sceni “ohoti” w rospisi pantikapeiskogo sklepa 1841 r.

– Patryk Norbert Skupniewicz, Shafted Weapons of Sasanian Hunting Iconography

– Agnieszka Samsonowicz, The Right pf the Hunt in Medieval Poland

– Bogdan Burliga, Hound Supporting the Flacon in Hunting: Frederick II of Hohensaufen’s “De arte venandi cum avibus”

– Karol Polejowski, The Social Context of the Ordinance of Charles VI against Poaching

– Olgierd Ławrynowicz, Piotr A. Nowakowski, Hunting Arms and Equipement in Medieval Iconography

– Adam Chec, Huntsmanship and Hunting Weapons in Malbork Commandry

– Lech Marek, Boar- and Bear-Hunting in Post-medieval Silesia. Archaeological Evidence

– Aleksander Boldyrew, Huntsman’s Weapons of the Court of Prince Sigismund Jagiellon

– Alisa Borisenko, Karina Belinskaya, Yulij Khundjakov, The Hunting Armament Reconstruction of the Turkic Nomads in South Siberia and Central Asia in Epoch of Early Middle Ages, 

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