Polearms and Impact Weapons in the Malbork Castle Museum Collection


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Polearms and Impact Weapons

in the Malbork CastleMuseum Collection

by Antoni Romuald Chodyński

 Malbork 2018


Malbork castle, the former nest of the Teutonic Order, is without a doubt, one of the most famous tourist locations in Poland. The huge, medieval stronghold was partially destroyed during the II World War, to be reborn into museum with its own, large armoury.

Althought today objects held in the reconstructed Malbork armoury are not connected in any way with the past of the place, they are for sure worth seeing. Actually Malbork is one of the most efficient military collection in Poland, publishing many books and catalogues in the subject.

The newest catalogue concerns pole arms, maces, axes and war-hammers.

It contains 52 historical objects. Each has Polish and English commentary.


– Preface

– The collection of the Malbork Castle Museum with special focus on polearms and blunt weapons

– The art of exhibiting militaria: permanent and temporary exhibitions and exhibitions from abroad

– The state of research on polearms and blunt weapons

– Literature on polearms

– Literature on blunt weapons

– Polearms in iconography

– Blunt weapons in iconography

– Polearms and blunt weapons in Polish heraldry



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