Acta Militaria Mediaevalia, Volume 16


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Acta Militaria Mediaevalia

volume XVI

 Kraków-Sanok-Wrocław 2020



16th volume of highly estimate journal focused on medieval arms, armour and fortifications.

This volume offers 9 PAPERS IN ENGLISH, other artciles are in Polish with ENGLISH summaries.





Thomas Salmon, New perspective on the Byzantine “paramerion”

Michal Holescak, Late medieval nomads in the Little Carpathians

Adam Lech, Aleksander Piasecki, The confiscated set of medieval arms and armour from the Podlaskie Museum in Białystok

Marco Vignola, Notes on a type XXII.1 sword: the twilight of the baselard

Piotr N. Kotowicz, Petr Żakovsky, A find from Nozdrzec in the former Land of Sanok and the issue of popularity of falchions in medieval Red Ruthenia

Sławomir Wadyl, Zbigniew Misiuk, Jakub Karczewski, An upper guard of a type T sword from Gdańsk

Alexandra Yu. Shchedrina, Sword from Krasnianka. Complex of traditions and technologies

Alexandra Yu. Shchedrina, Sergei Kainov, Helmet from the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deyan Rabovyanov, Svetlana Velikova, A late medieval saber from the collection of the Rousse Regional Museum of History



Dymitr Dymydjuk, “The Taking of Christ”. Armenian miniatures from the 10th-11th centuries as a source to study on the armament of Armenian Bagratid Era

Marcin Engel, “The Land of mounted warriors”? Overview of horseman’s weapons and equipment in Yatvingian territories from the late 9th to the 13th century

Michał Bugaj, Radosław Zdaniewicz, Radosław Liwoch, Tribal age spurs from Udórz

Radosław Zdaniewicz, Weaponry from the examinations of the moat of Ryczów Castle in the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura

Radosław Liwoch, Triple-winged (Avar?) arrowheads from Kraków vicinity

Daniel Tereszczuk, An early medieval axe head from the vicinity of Radków

Piotr N. Kotowicz, Łukasz Wyszyński, Early medieval sword scabbard chape from Tuczapy

Marek Florek, Medieval spearhead from Rudnik on San

Arkadiusz Michalak, A falchion side guard from Kłodzko Valley

Marcin Krzepkowski, Late medieval sword’s pommel from knightly seat in Jeziorki



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