Armour for the Young King Sigismund Augustus


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Armour for the Young King Sigismund Augustus

in the Wawel Royal Castle Collection


by Krzysztof Czyżewski & Rafał Ochęduszko

 Kraków 2022


In 2020 Hungarian goverment returned to Poland armour made for future king Sigismund Augustus (1520-1572), the last of the Jagiellonian dynasty.

The armour was exectuted in Innsbruck workshops of Jörg Seusenhofer in 1533.

Today this magnificent object is an important part of Wawel Royal Castle Collection in Krakow.

The book published in 2022 is a catalogue with very detailed description of each element of the armour. But foremost it is an album with amazing, artistic pictures of the masterpiece.

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