Treasures from the Black Sea Coast

“Treasures from the Black Sea Coast. Gold, sculpture, pottery from the Archaeological Museum in Odessa””

National Museum in Krakow, 2006

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Monumental catalogue presenting over 500 objects: gold, pottery, some weapons and sculpture from the Archaeological Museum in Odessa, Ukraine. This is also an illustration for the biggest archeological exhibition in Poland of the last few years. Many interesting and serious essays IN ENGLISH! written by great scholars from Poland and Ukraine. No doubt this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT CATALOGUES ON ANCIENT ART printed in Europe during last few years!

Catalogue and essays are also in ENGLISH!


From the preface:


The exhibition aims to present the outstanding collection of the Odessa Museum – the masterpieces of prehistoric, ancient and medieval art, assembled over more than a hundred and eighty years of the history of this institution. It’s bring to the public’s attention the significance for European cultural heritage of the lands that are now southern Ukraine, which have substantially and diversely influenced the history of our continent.


What can be found in this catalogue:

– goldsmithery

– numismatic objects

– pottery

– terra-cottas

– lamps

– metalwork

– ancient glassware

– plaster decorative elements

– monumental sculpture

– objects from different times – from the 5th millenium BC to the 12th century AD


– Jaroslaw Bodzek, About the Exhibition

– Vladimir Petrovich Vanchugov, The Archaeological Museum of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine in Odessa

– Sergey Borisovich Okhotnikov, Odessa and the Ukrainian-Polish Investigations of the Antiquities of the Northern Coast of the Black Sea

– Vladimir Petrovich Vanchugov, Northern Coast of the Black Sea in the Copper and Bronze Age

– Evgenia Fyodorovna Redina, The Scythians, Sarmatians and Other Nomadic Peoples on the Northern Coast of the Black Sea

– Sergey Borisovich Okhotnikov, Greeks and Romans on the Northern Coast of the Black Sea

– Krystyna Moczulska, The collection of Black Sea Antiquities in the Department of Ancient Art in the National Museum in Cracow

– Jaroslaw Bodzek, Ancient coins from the Northern Coast of the Black Sea in the Collection of the National Museum in Cracow.



– Monuments of the Copper and Bronze Age Cultures

– Goldsmithery

– Numismatics

– Objects of Bronze, Iron and Lead

– Ancient Pottery

– Ancient Terra-cottas

– Ancient Lamps

– Ancient Glassware

– Bosporan Plaster Decorations

– Ancient Sculpture



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