Acta Militaria Mediaevalia, Volume 14


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Acta Militaria Mediaevalia

volume XIV

 Kraków-Sanok-Wrocław 2018



14th volume of highly estimate journal focused on medieval arms, armour and fortifications.

This volume offers 9 PAPERS IN ENGLISH, other artciles are in Polish with ENGLISH summaries.





RaffaeleD ’Amato, Dragana Lj. Spasić-Durić, The Phrygian helmet in Byzantium: archaeology and iconography in the light of recent finds from Branicevo

Tobias Schoo, The sword depictions in the Heidelberg “Sachsenspiegel” or the influence of material culture on Medieval art

Mamuka Tsurtsumia, The mace in medieval Georgia

Alan Williams, Tomaz Lazar, A group of medieval swords from the National Museum of Slovenia – metallographic analyses and hardness testing

Marco Vignola, Lamerie, Coraze, Corazine: coats of plates in Italian archival sources and excavations (13th-15th centuries)

Arkadiusz Michalak, Mystery hidden behind the beasts’ heads. Remarks on the chronology of a peculiar type of medieval dagger

Grzegorz Żabiński, Mateusz Biborski, Marcin Biborski, Janusz Stępiński, Ewelina A. Miśta-Jakubowska, A late medieval or early modem ferrous hackbut barrel from the collection of the Castle Museum in Malbork

Grzegorz Żabiński, Ewelina A. Miśta-Jakubowska, Appendix: An attempt at identifying the smelting process with the use of slag analysis

Jonathan James Tavares, Medieval arms and armor at the Art Institute of Chicago



Sławomir Wadyl, Spurs with hook-shaped heel band ends bent inside from the West Balt Circle. A “new” source for studies on the beginnings of the Early Middle Ages

Andrzej Janowski, Carolingian time spearhead from Zdroje, Węgorzewo commune

Piotr N. Kotowicz, Grzegorz Śnieżko, A unique sword scabbard chape from Mielnik upon Bug in Podlachia

Arkadiusz MichalakAnother B-type sword pommel from the Middle Odra river area. Observations aside the find from Niesulice, Świebodzin district   

Kamil Kajkowski, Early Medieval Axe Head from Parchowo

Michał Wojenka, A medieval knife with scabbard chape from the vicinity of Jaroszowiec

Piotr N. Kotowicz, Early medieval hammer axe from Srogów Górny, Sanok district

Zbigniew Misiuk, Piotr Strzyż, Sword pommel from Boratyniec Lacki in Podlachia


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