White Arms / Broń biała


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Broń biała [White Arms]

by Lena Zajączkowska

Wrocław 2018


In 1987 the late Lena Zajączkowska, curator of the Military Museum in Wrocław, published a complete catalogue of edged arms, held in the collection. Now after 30 years, the Museum decided to reprint the unique book in a modern fashion. Hence the reader have possibility to learn about this interesting military collection – one of the biggest in Poland.

The Wroclaw Military Museum is located inside the City Arsenal. The origins of the Museum date back to 1971, when the Department of Arms of the former Historical Museum in Wrocław was created. The current Military Museum was founded in 2000, as a department of The City Museum of Wrocław. The Museum collects Polish and foreign military artefacts of significant historical value. The leading collections include: edged weapons (17th – 20th centuries), firearms (19th – 20th centuries), helmets, patriotic memorabilia, battle iconography, World War II and post-war uniforms, and other various pieces of army equipment. The Military Museum is a member of the International Committee for Museums of Arms and Military History (ICOMAM).

The catalogue presents 210 objects in 8 categories:

  • Polish arms
  • Foreign arms used in Poland
  • Western-European arms until the 17th century
  • Austrian and Austro-Hungarian arms 18th-20th c.
  • French arms 18th-20th c.
  • German arms 18th-20th c.
  • Russian and Soviet arms 18th-20th c.
  • Oriental arms 18th-20th c.

The book is printed as high quality album, with large pictures, including most important details of presented objects like stamps, inscriptions or decorations.




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