Acta Militaria Mediaevalia, Volume 12


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Acta Militaria Mediaevalia

volume XII

 Kraków-Rzeszów-Sanok 2016



12th volume of highly estimate journal focused on medieval arms, armour and fortifications.

This volume offers 7 PAPERS IN ENGLISH, other artciles are in Polish with ENGLISH summaries.





Martin Husár, Finds of the early medieval thrusting pole arms from watery locations of the Carpathian Basin

Paulius Bugys, A study of lamellar armour plates from the Lower Castle of Vilnius

Felix Biermann, Normen Posselt, The embattled castle – archaeological examples from the Late Middle Ages in Northeast Germany

Matthias GollMedieval helmets from the Eastern Balkans and the Aegean Sea

Miroslav Huťka, Sallet helmets in Slovakia

Arkadiusz Michalak, Stanisław Sinkowski, An Ottoman Spur from the Early Medieval Cementery in Santok in Western Poland

Irakli Bakradze, A rare type of flanged mace in the collection of the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi

Mamuka Tsurtsumia, Once more about the Wawel helmet


Владимир И. Кулаков, Prussian derivatives of Scandinavian military equipment

Marek Florek, Weapon depictions on “stećci”, Balkan medieval tombstones. An introduction

Monika Bajka, Marek Florek, Piotr N. Kotowicz, Grave with a battle axe discovered on the Early Medieval cemetery on Town Hill in Sandomierz

Arkadiusz Michalak, Kinga Zamelska-Monczak,  Is a 12th-century antler weight from Santok an element of war flail (kisten)?

Artur Ginter, Arkadiusz Przybyłok, Selected elements of weaponry discovered during the archaeological excavations of the castle in Muszyna in 2013

Piotr Kotowicz, A spur with plate-shaped ends from Trepcza near Sanok

Piotr Kotowicz, Łukasz Miechowicz, An early medieval axe head from Trzciniec, Opole Lubelskie distr.

Radosław Liwoch, Bolt heads from castle in Czorsztyn surroundings and castle Tenczyn in Rudno

Radosław Liwoch, Double-edged falchion of unknown provenance

Krzysztof Gorczyca, Michał Górny, Two sword pommels in the collection of Muzeum Okręgowe in Konin

Piotr Strzyż, Olgierd Ławrynowicz, Falchion with elongated pommel from the Łódź collection



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