Ceremonial Maces in Poland, 16th-18th centuries



Ceremonial Maces in Poland

from the 16th to the 18th c.


by Jacek Gutowski

 Warszawa 2015


Ceremonial maces in Poland from the 16th to the 18th century” is the first monograph about modern-era Polish ceremonial objects. The publication contains a huge study regarding their symbolism, typologies, chronology and decorative techniques that were used in production. The topics discussed are richly exemplified by over 300 highest quality illustrations which detail objects coming among from Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Austrian, German, Danish and Swedish collections. The monograph embraces some 150 objects associated with the history of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania.

In 2006 Museum of King Jan III Sobieski Palace in Wilanow (Warsaw, Poland) organized a huge exhibition presenting ceremonial maces from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The exhibition report still can be found HERE.

Authors, with Jacek Gutowski as the main curator, managed to collect the most representative and important examples of Polish and European bulawa’s and buzdygan’s maces, as they are called in Poland. Exhibits gathered from museums and private collections, for the first time in such a number in one place, helped in coming to new conclusions regarding their origins, and historical development. Despite good reviews and success of the Wilanow exhibition no catalogue was printed until now.

Gutowski’s book on maces is strictly connected with the 2006 exhibition, and is based on the same selection of objects, presenting new approach to the history and genealogy of Polish, mid-European and Oriental maces used in the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The lecture is complemented by selection of other objects: paintings, swords, cartridge-pouches etc. which, in  various ways, were connected with production of ceremonial maces.

This is the first and the only known book on ceremonial maces, based both on iconographical sources and preserved objects from various collections. As such it can be considered as a breakthrough and a milestone, completing our knowledge on these decorative arms in Europe.

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