Oręż Europejski / European Arms: National Museum in Wroclaw

Oręż europejski

[European Arms]

Catalogue of the National Museum in Wroclaw

by Jacek Witecki & Małgorzata Świderska-Łupińska

Wrocław 2013

Comprehensive catalogue of the arms and armour collection from the National Museum in Wrocław. The volume contains a great variety of all kinds of arms: edged weapons, including huge collection of large, two handed swords, armours, crossbows and firearms made in Europe from medieval to XX century. Large part of the collection is remainings of the pre-war property of von Schafgotsch, Minutoli, Agath and other German families, but also of the Schleisisches Muses fur Kunstgewerbe un Altertumer and Breslau’s Schlossmuseum.

This thick volume presents over 900 (!) pieces of antique arms!

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