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Virtual Galleries, trips and tours are very popular from some time around the world. So there is no surprise, that many museums are trying to build their image in the net too, more or less successful, but trying to gain interest through the new media. Let’s examine them.

Let’s send on the first front line the biggest military museum in Poland – Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw. In its collection one can find over 100.000 objects from medieval to modern times. Next to the typical military collection they have paintings, books and everything what is associated to the Polish and worlds armies. The collection is outsanding and for sure there are many gems for any military history lover. Unfortunatelly the permanent exhibition is quite oldfashioned but all indications are it won’t last long. The museum is changing its present headquaters and is building a new, modern museum in the Warsaw. The time will show how good it will be.

The virtual gallery of the permanent exhibition is interesting, especially for all those who cannot visit is personally. But speaking the truth it is far from perfect and full of ‘bugs’:

– it works only in Internet Explorer (for me anyway). Mozilla Firefox and Chrome couldn’t install a needed plugin for the virtual tour,

– the engine is a little bit messy – you’ll find yourself spinning around too often and without your will, although you can stop this movement by clicking somewhere in the picture,

– the quality is terrible. It seems to me that for faster browsing, museum decided to use low resolution samples, so no details can be seen in the gallery,

– it is only in Polish – anyway I couldn’t find any English version of the tour


For those who might have some problems watching the original tour I prepared some screenshots. For those would like to experience it for yourself, please go to the following address:

If you’re interested for more from this museum, you can find few related books in my bookstore:

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