Gallery – Napoleon and the Poles


(KRAKOW-WARSAW 2005-2006)

The National Museum in Krakow and the Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw held together a huge exhibition on Napoleon in 2005 and 2006. Below you’ll find few pics from the event.

The main goal of the display was to show a tight connection between French Emperor and the Polish nation, which was struggling at that time for its independence. The Poles saw in Napoleon a great chance to regain freedom, Napoleon saw in Poles great soldiers and excellent army which could help him in his military plans. And there was a woman involved too… mrs. Walewska.

The exhibition presented many different objects. Amongst the most important the visitor could found Polish military uniforms, weapons, drawings and prints, paintings and a few memorabilia after Napoleon and after famous Polish generals.

Hiqh quality pictures as well as the articles written by the authors of the exhibition are available in the book “Napoleon i Polacy”, you can look for bookstore:

Napoleon i polacy 01






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